Sunday, 28 July 2013

Amanda's Got a Secret on

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Yeah I stole their title, I'm unoriginal get over it.

 So, for my first post, I thought I'd keep it simple.
First thing about me, I may or may not exactly know the real definition of simple. Does anyone?
Second thing?
I absolutely LOVE Amanda Seyfried so I couldn't look over how amazing the styling is in this shoot. Ignoring this particular issue of ELLE was something I definitely couldn't do, as some of you may have noticed the first picture is my twitter background, and it's the first thing I see every time I open the web browser (it never disappoints). It's fair to say (and I don't normally say this) I'm obsessed. The organza sweater and the tulle gown are absolutely exquisite, and I love the way they styled it with socks and a bonnet. Let's not forget the vintage furniture and all the romance (pardon my french) shit in the background, which is quite hard to see because I can't get over how amazing she looks. Classy cool. Picture perfect.
My one question is: How can I put my hands on this issue?
PS: (This might be her secret, I am not sure because it wasn't that clear.) She's playing Linda Lovelace (porn star) in the upcoming movie "Lovelace". Don't wanna get too into that just yet.
For full photoshoot and info on the styling visit the website Elle.
For thoughts, opinions or just a simple "Hello", post a comment.
Kisses and hugs. Stay tuned.

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