Saturday, 3 August 2013


1. Lola Collar Blouse,  2.Rosie Black Pleated Leather Skirt


This is an amazing outfit.


Like seriously I was surfing the website a while ago and I came across this picture. I'm always looking for ideas, little pieces that in my mind will look great together, but this, I love the whole thing and I'm actually considering buying these pieces for Lisbon Fashion Week. I don't usually mind borrowing a piece from here and there but I almost never copy whole outfits, but this time, I don't think I care about my fashion morality.
I love the way they styled it too, the shoes, the socks, the matching of the nails and lips, the hat and the jewellery, perfection. Visit their website, it's romantic and kind of has a vintage feeling to it too.
Oh, and kudos to their stylist, amazing job.
Stay tuned, xo.

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