Thursday, 1 August 2013

Do It Again

I've always had a passion for arts, everything from paintings to sculptures, art exhibitions in galleries and museums, architecture, design, I can't even finish this list (don't judge me, I'm trying to keep it simple remember?).
In middle school I was really into it but for some reason when I went to high school I didn't follow my passion mostly because I didn't even know it was a passion of mine and I was more worried about exploring my "intellectual" side so I studied social sciences and humanities, a lot of writing, a lot of reading, not a lot of creativeness, so obviously I ended up almost losing that part of me. I don't regret any of my choices though, I learned a lot and now I get to develop my creative side too, it's win win. If I had followed arts I'm not sure I would be interested in law school or business management, ok, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.
Well, this is turning into a memoir, I'll get to the point.
Following Gerard Way on twitter is amazing, and this one day he decided to make a challenge for his fans. He wanted us to make art with his profile picture, any kind. And I was really bored that day but I was also super lazy so that takes us to the next day. The next day I decided, "ok, I can do this, it's been like 8 years but I can still draw a tree right?", problem is, it was a face, a human face, how am I going to do this?
I found some of my 9 year old brother colouring stuff and I somehow did it, I put it all together and I made something, haven't felt this accomplished in a while, a big while, a huge while. It felt amazing.

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