Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Art-Lovers: Four Seasons

You know, I usually hate it when people advertise on my facebook wall, or even my news feed, but well, this is the big exception. Nothing makes me happier than seeing creative, original artwork. I know it sounds weird but I appreciate it when people put their minds and hearts into their work and it shows.
I just absolutely love this, what a great idea, nothing like waking up to these images and feeling the inspiration behind them. I just thought I'd let you know about them.
If you're interested visit their website, they've got a lot of different things going on and it's all amazing.
Source: art-lovers.eu

PS: This is not an ad I just love their work and I was glad I found it so I'm just passing the information to you guys.
Stay tuned, xo.


  1. Nice blog, I like it! Maybe follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know, I'll follow you then back :) Kisses