Sunday, 1 September 2013


@ Parque Aventura - ‎April 25th, 2013

Nothing like the 1st of September to remind me how much I miss Spring.
Everything from the blossoming of the flowers, the shy sneaky sunlight, the unsteady weather to the brightness of each day, the long walks and the family picnics at the park.
Summer has always been my favourite season, well until very recently when I realized it was almost impossible to actually find something to wear that looked fashionable without looking trashy. The unbearable heat makes you wish it was ok to go out completely naked as a matter of survival, the mind's just too busy trying to stay cool to worry about frivolous things like 'what colour shoes should I wear with that see-through top?' I came to a conclusion: the reason why I loved Summer so much was because of the holidays and everyone coming together and planning fun activities, but as I get older, I'm just not that excited about it.
Summer's still a favourite, I'm definitely not a winter person, the cold freaks me out. In other words, I wouldn't make it in Nebraska.
Anyway, this photos are from earlier this year, I was still recovering from the winter.
The days were longer, the sun was up earlier, I knew exactly what to wear everytime, and I could hear the birds making noises that at the time sounded like a lullaby. Sitting there in the park and appreciating this uncanny beauty made me feel like I could do anything, nothing really replaces that feeling and it's free, that's why I love Spring.

Give me your thoughts.
Stay tuned, xo.

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