Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sound of the Moment #4

Arctic Monkeys - Arabella

I've had this post as a draft for quite a while now.  But I still LOVE this song.

This song, I mean, this whole album is a gift sent from above. Much better that anything I was expecting and I'm still not over how good it is. This sort of talent is not to be taken lightly, THIS IS GOLD. This band keeps surprising me, they never settle and that's one of the reasons why they're one of my favs.
Seriously, wishing my name was Arabella.
Give it a try, it won't hurt.

Stay tuned, xo.

PS: I haven't blogged for ages and I feel awful about that. I kept postponing it and that suddenly became a routine. "I had so many things happening and I just couldn't find the time." - That's what I tell myself but deep down I know it's complete bs. I'm really really sorry but it's all good now, I've honestly missed this.

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